The device’s parameters:

– Type: Ambulant Cardiotocograph with passive sensor, Electropysiological system


Price of the device: 12.000 Euro + VAT (27 %).


(Currency exchange happens according to the all-time daily bank exchange rate.)


The price includes the entire software collection (1 pendrive) necessary for the operation of the device, the electrode collection for the hands and the legs, and the cable link to the computer (RS232).


Purchase conditions:

When signing the contract, 26,6% of the purchase price down payment is required, then the device is delivered within 8 work days.

When the full purchase price is covered, you may take over the device, which then constitutes your possession.

We call your attention to the fact that the system remains in possession of the company until the complete payment of the price. 


Please note that, along with the purchase, we make a personal contract in which the customer, with regard to special local prices, puts down his unrepealable commitment not to market the device within 2 years’ time beyond the boundaries of the country.


The purchase of the device is possible through tenders, as well. Ask for our tender partner’s advice at the following address: medscio@gmail.com




We market and deliver devices in all countries of the world.


We are looking forward to your purchase order at the following contacts:

Europ: +36-30-5546908