Methodology of Biophysics and Bioinfomatics serving your health

 Thousands of years ago vedic wise men lay down the foundation of Biophysical Medicine of our time.

 They said that every cell, organ, person, animal, crystal has its own aura or surrounding light, which aura is in connection with similar phenomenons of those of the Earth and the infinite Universe.

 These fine formations are in constant correlation with each other and the smallest segment of the chain is always the man. Within the man there are further organ groups, organs, tissues and finally the cells, where disturbances occur.

 Of course these disturbances are not irreversible but their condition of reversibility constantly changes in connection with the morphological and functional forms on the cell level. 

 Whatever was thought irreversible by scientists yesterday has quite different explanations today.

 New developments come out hour by hour and the philosophical roots of these discoveries can be found in the afore mentioned sources of wisdom of the Vedic wise, the ancient Greek, Egypt, China and Tibet. 

 Every age has its own science history paradigm that reflects on the medical diagnosis and also on the therapy connected to it.

 The present age is the century of computers, micro world and informatics. Hence the science of health also proceeds in those areas. In the spirituality of our present time the connection between Biophysics and the deeper understanding of molecular biology, forms of life within the cells and genetic codes lead to an elemental, revolutionary shift in the practice of curing from forms of chemistry toward the biophysical, informatics and theraputical systems of the elemental particles. 

 The in depth understanding of physiological and pathological signs of the cells are also biophysical demonstration methods of regressive and progressive forms of mental and energetical formations, which have now appeared in everyday practice.

 Different philosophical trend modules coexist with all other forms of psychology and those of the so called European medicine in the basic informatics portfolio of modern computer programmes.

 These systems contain not only a wide range of basic functional and pathological signals in the systems but also every elemental sign of the correctional factors originating from nature given mineral, plant and animal forms, which are able to operate simultaneously in any dimension of the space-time continuum on material, energetical and informatical levels alike.

 Technology develops at a great rate. It is enough to think that we can now see the person while talking on mobile phones, or the way satellites have replaced maps in directing cars to their destinations, or the way petrol operated cars are replaced by hybrids. The fact that we can now measure our blood sugar level at home was unimaginable a few years ago, yet today we can easily buy such instruments even in supermarkets.

 Health industry also changes.

 Alongside the developments in technology, Bioresonance Health Centres have appeared where computer operated methods of the latest inventions of Bioinformatics and Biophysics are used. The latest technology now in use in most counrties of the world can not only receive signals of the body (ie ECG, EEG) but can also return the necessary signals back to the body.

 These can practically communicate, have a dialogue with our bodies enabling us to stimuate the cells to function properly. These outstanding results are now known and acclaimed by medical experts, winning olympic teams and many tens of thousands of persons treated, the modern method being also suggested as integrative medicine by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

 How does it work?

 Illnesses occur in the cells due to molecular changes. That is the level where degenerations first occur that later lead to certain symptoms. This is a similar process to that of a ship out at sea where though we may keep the wheel in the same direction, the currents below can still misguide us, therefore we need lighthouses, or maps and compasses to make the necessary modifications to navigate back into the right direction. The system is such a method or compass to the body. We now understand the connection between the many billions of cells, computers measure our internal operations, right ones and modifications alike. The system receives the complex signals coming from the body, recognises the alterations, then sends the healthy signals back to the body. The method is unique because it applies the own, individual, internal (endogenous) signals of the person and also controls the alterations thus can have optimal influence on internal processes without any side effects.

The first system that operated successfully was developed by Morell and Rascher called MO-RA system. This has been further modified into about 100 types of similar systems mostly using the same methodology without any significant differences in their mechanisms. 

 SCIO system stands out from the many other variations because it contains the whole range of information referring to Man and the Universe, space and time, mental and energetical systems, the physical body, ancient philosophies and modern medicine as basic infomatical core. 

 It is able to give a multi-dimensional picture that enables both the patient and the therapist to show the path to the optimum, provide the right treatment within the so-called back-feedback system: in the form of an effect, result, control, effect, result, control chain, gently shifting the processes back into the right direction. With the SCIO system it is possible to give treatments that are effective and completely safe!  

 This unique method can also be applied during pregnancy or even be used on newborn babies or in child therapy. It is effective in chronic illnesses, overused drugs, in cases of medicine allergies but it is also useful as wellness or rehabilitational therapy. These therapies are always effective, the built-in biofeedback method makes over- or undertreatment impossible, beneficial changes can be noticed after the third or fourth treatment. Each treatment takes about an hour, which includes the cell level examination of the body and the treatment of the certain problems.

 It offers a quick, medicine and chemical free solution to several common illnesses especially those belonging to the chronic degenerative illness category.

 These include:

 – lost balance of the sympatic-parasympatic vegetative nervous system of the body

 – chronic exhaustion syndrome

 – lack of oxygen in the whole body

 – lack of oxygen and ATP on the cell level

 – microbiological loss of balance

 – lost redox balance

  – lost acid-base balance

 -lost balance in the ion system or tone system

 – chronic micro poisoning on the cell level

 – forming of ‘bank note roll’ shape of blood cells

 – damage in the communication between cells and the resulting appearance of all kinds of illnesses

 Treatments stimulate the self healing mechanisms of the body, thus are free of side-effects.

 This form of complementer medicine is the result of biophysics and informatics, so it is also effective if you do not believe in it. Get to know the modern, medicine and chemical free methods of the 21st century.

 A new age has begun in healing.