The human organism consists of 73-77 billion cells, in all of which an average of 7000 chemical reactions take place every second. Such complexity of metabolism processes demands a high level of order and organization. Researchers of electromagnetic biocommunication deal with the examination of inner communication routes and sign transmittance processes. Bioinformatics may be approached by the exact correspondence of reachable inner signs, thus, such a device had to be developed that can be set up accurately to the biological window (sign transmittant channel) of a given subsystem of the body. In order to get in resonance with the body’s decompensated parts (that we call illness), we need a special eletrotechnology. Much work has been done on scientists’ side developing this technology in the past decade.


Almost a hundred, very similar types of systems have come to life. The SCIO system stands out from the all other systems, since it contains Man and Universe, space and time, the soul and the energy system, the physical body, ancient philosophy and healing of today as a basic informatical thesaurus.

Illnesses, as well as nicotine addiction, evolve in the cell, as a result of molecular changes. Mutations can be identified here first. The process is similar to when we keep the steering wheel of the ship due at sea, but streams drive us away – sometimes we need lighthouses or a map and a compass to find our way back to the right direction. The system is such a method, a compass for the body. The relationship between the more billion cells is measurable now, computer data show our inner functions, the proper ones and the differences. The system receives complex signs from the body, recognizes, identifies mutations, and returns the healthy signs, conditioned by the makings, to the body. The method is unique, as it uses the person’s own, inner (endogenetic) signs, and also watches changes, affecting inner processes only to an optimal degree, not generating any side effects.

 The system, quite exclusively, can be applied even in time of pregnancy. Treatment of patients with peacemaker, epilepsy or schizophrenia is not excluded, either. Cures are always targeted, thanks to the fixed biofeedback system, over- or undertreatment is not possible.


Do the treatments have any harmful side effects?

There are no direct side effects! The reason is that the body does not react to ranges under and over the stimulus threshold. What you must consider:

– the time/length and frequency of the treatment.


2. May one take medicines along with the cure?
Yes, naturally, you should not stop taking pills at once! In this phase, you need to consult your doctor more frequently in order to control, check the effects, and decrease drug dosage, or even stop taking medicine, if possible. There are no counter effects kereszthatás, as the device acts on the biophysical level, while medicine on the biochemical. The device is non-invasive, that is, they only offer the right bioinformation facilitating the body’s making up for its informatical arrears.


3. Is any medical check-up necessary before the use of the device?

 – no, anyone can use it.


4. Do I have to bring a half-smoked cigarette?

– no, the device does not need it, but it is possible to make it serve as an additional input for the device, if you wish.


5. Do I have to smoke a cigarette before?

– there is no need to tell that to a smoker, because while coming to the treatment, he will smoke his last cigarette. The requirement is only to do this 2 hours before the treatment.


6. Is the method the same as the one with copper plate and the head electrodes?

– the basic principle, as biophysical method, is the same.


Useful advices:

1.  The nicotine and toxic substances from earlier chemical reactions clearing off along with the cure leave the body, with the help of secretories, through the kidneys. For this reason, please drink a glass of fluid every half hours. By this, you help your body’s detoxication. This fluid can be mineral water without gas, real fruit tea, self-made fruit juice, detox herbal tea, etc., according to your taste – the emphasis is on continuity. In the first 24 hours, fluid input must be raised to 3-4 liter, and on the third day, 2,5 – 3 liter must be taken.


2. If you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette, drink immediately! Solve the psychical problem that triggers this longing. Work off the stress, concern by speaking to someone.


3. When waking up, drink first, then make the breathing exercise. We can calm down or stimulate, energetize ourselves just by regulating the time of inhalation and exhalation. Relaxation: inhale for c. 5 seconds, do not keep a break, but immediately exhale slowly for c. 10-15 seconds. Stimulation: breathe in slowly counting to 15, keep the air inside for 10 counts, then exhale for 5 counts.


The main advantages of breaking the habit:

8 hours later: Blood’s nicotine and carbon monoxide levels are cut by half. 24 hours later: The body is purified of carbon monoxide, lungs are clean. 2 days later: Nicotine is purged from the body, perception of tastes, smells is improving. 3 days later: Easier breathing, bronchi relaxed. 2-12 weeks later: Significant improvement of circulation. 1 year later: You will be able to save so much money that you will just have to go on holiday!!!


Dangers of falling in the habit again:

Excessive self-confidence or curiosity. Inadequate fluid intake. Influences by the work place and the environment. Stressful situations. Fear of putting on weight. The time of the treatment is 20-25 minutes, but we kindly ask our clients to give it more than 30 minutes so that we can provide all necessary information and discuss possible questions.

Call us with confidence, we will cure you of the habit of smoking.