Healing in the 21st century


The SCIO system for professional users


The SCIO system is an investment into the future:

The SCIO system (ScientificConsciousnessInterfaceOperation System) measures the bioenergetic data of the patient’s body through 19 channels, then categorizes the data, and puts them in order of importance. The multi-channeled measuring is helped by 12 electrodes. Through this method, we get an exact, precise and full picture of the patient’s state of health. Therefore, the therapist does not, to the least, affect the patient’s energy system during the diagnosis and the treatment.  The SCIO system works with auto- and meridian therapy, scalar, that is, chakra therapy, Rife therapy, auto –trivector, colour, music, bioresonance, spine and tooth therapy, amongst others.


Handshake with the machine ( „Claps – Effect”)


The SCIO system forms a cybernetic feedback connection with the patient. It functions as if the patient shook hands, for a greeting, with the computer, which then finds and provides the personal, tailored treatment for the patient automatically – all this with the exclusion of the therapist’s subconscious influence.


Constant feedback


The SCIO system, incomparable to any other therapies, is montírozza(?? diagnosing) the patient throughout the treatment. This guarantees the uniqueness of each test and treatment.


Adaptation to the patient’s special needs


The SCIO system adjusts the treatment’s strength, the various frequencies to the patient’s needs automatically.  Furthermore, the Xrroid process, which means testing at the speed of biological reactions, facilitates that the operator test frequency patterns of 12.000 materials or substances on the patients within a few minutes’ time.


At the end of the test, the machine pictures the patient’s reactions to certain test materials/substances (pathogens, drugs, allergenics, etc.) with the help of a color and number divisioned scale.  SCIO is the only system in the world that unifies more than 50 bioenergetic: analyzing and therapeutic methods in one.


This type of treatment has been applied on thousands of patients worldwide with a great degree of therapeutic success. The SCIO system might become indispensable in patients’ further thorough, successful diagnosis and cure for all doctors and naturopaths, who are open to novelty.


The system’s history and development


Newtonian physics became out of time soon as the ’non-linear quantum theory’ of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins emerged. Later, the basics of electronics were introduced into the science of biology by renown inventors like Volta, Ampere and Ohm. Some scientist companies, e.g. Royal Rife, supported the study of electric energy and frequency on a new level, doing research into certain materials’/substances’ electronic features. In the end, these examinations led to the statement that all materials have unique electronic frequencies, resonances: all materials are differentiated from all others by unique electronic features.


Dr. Reinhard Voll was a pioneer in the science of bioresonance in the 1950s. Under his guidance, this theory was developed further in Germany. Voll took over a number of other studies on the electric energy of the human body for his research. Earlier findings also confirm that certain characteristics of the material change under the effect of electricity of varied strength. In the same way as high frequency is able to break a glass, special frequencies, through the increase of their resonant range, manage to eliminate pathogens that lead to illnesses. Tissues of the human body can be supported and strengthened for health in similar ways. Based on how cells react to certain electric frequencies, physiological mutations can also be perceived in time.


As soon as the role of this method became obvious in the medical field, this new way of healing took shape, and created dividedness in medical society: some thought they could change the world, others saw the technology as source of political and economic profit.


Doctors and scientists standing in the first line of the new movement were exposed to serious political pressure. In the face of all this, they went on with their research, and started to work with the new bioeletronic method. Henceforth, the new healing could not be by-passed.


The SCIO system was developed by Professor Bill Nelson, through a 20-year research into bioelectronic healing and bioresonance treatment, in Hungary. The SCIO system is capable of identifying changes, mutations in the body at an early stage, and correct them immediately so that the illness cannot even evolve. Those days when the doctor could react to the illness only after the appearance of the symptoms are gone for good.



Today, the SCIO system is an internationally leading device of diagnosis and therapy. The device measures the patient’s electronic reaction abilities, and defines it as the biological reaction rate, the biological reaction ability of the body.  When the human body is tested by/with Xrroiddal (that is, (at) biological speed), we get the patient’s personal reactions to given materials.


Tri-vector energy fields

We measure electronic potentials, tension, amperage and resistance in the patient’s body (pressure, that is, electricity itself = amperage x resistance), and we evaluate the mathematical variable counted on this basis. The therapist gets lots of pieces of information essential for the treatment and the diagnosis.


The three-dimensional system of examination


The relationship of the pressure, amperage and resistance makes three-dimensional picturing of the analyzed information possible. This way, we have a hologram effect, which enables three-dimensional depiction of all substances/materials present in the body’s energy system. The system stores and analyzes the electronic potentials of thousands and thousands of different materials. The three-dimensional examination system defines the patient’s answer to electric stimulation. Consequently, the patient’s energy demand and frequency pattern can be diagnosed accurately.


Autofocus therapy


The autofocus technique was also developed by Professor Nelson. Its main idea is that while the body is affected by frequencies harmonizing with the person’s physiology or pathological ones the SCIO system measures the reactions to these impacts. Through biofeedback, the device modulates the therapy setup automatically, so the program adjusts to one and each patient’s all-time state of health individually. Based on the body’s all-time reactions to given frequency patterns, the SCIO system modifies the chosen therapy. The SCIO system focuses the treatment setup independently, without intervention by the therapist.


Cybernetic connection


The unique cybernetic linkage of the SCIO system makes mutations shown in energies of processes at biological speed measurable. The device corrects these energetic digressions automatically after identifying the differences from the normal value.


Measuring capacity


The SCIO system analyzes more than 65 million bits of information in just one test. At the end of the treatment, the therapist receives data of sixteen electronic parameters and further forty pieces of measurement information regarding the patient. A therapist working with conventional techniques would need months to analyze this incredible amount of data. The SCIO system offers the experience of 40 years of bioresonance healing to you!


Programs and therapies


The patient’s exact reactions, therefore, can be measured by various materials/substances, which might be parasites, bacteria, homeopathic remedies, allergenics, the combination of these, and many more. Are you unable to decide which homeopathic remedy to recommend? No problem! The given body part will show you the right substance and the optimal potential. Let the SCIO system decide which remedy the patient needs. It is a serious advantage of the system, accessible by anyone / revealing anyone’s demand. Ez különösen nagy előnye a rendszernek, mivel mindenkinek elérhető igényei vannak.


The most important programs


Electroacupunture meridian program:

a well-known system harmonizing the frequency of acupuncture points and meridians. Rife or audio frequency system: A system that stimulates and harmonizes the polarity of the patient(’s organs and organ systems) automatically.



This exclusive system automatically filters out personal body frequencies, while measuring the exact trivector field, thus, contributes to health maintenance and recovery to the highest possible degree.  


Colour and music therapy:

It identifies the colour or music most optimal for the patient, and applies it on the patient through frequency therapy.


Scalar therapy:

This program treats the hormonal endocrine system and the chakras.


Homeopathic activation:

The resonance of more than 3000 homeopathic remedies and crystals is available, which you can apply on your patients uniquely.


Energetic spine analysis:

It assesses energetic disturbances of certain spondyles or spine parts on the level of organs and psychosomatic aspects, as well.


Further programs:

The most diverse NLP uses,

pain therapies,

teeth and jaw analysis,

brainwave analysis,

biorhythm and miasm analysis,

various detoxifications,

organ analysis,


nutrition diagram and many others.


The risk profile

The risk profile (i.e. risk features), after the testing, lists the disturbances to treat: indicates 40 risks with the related values.  The highest rate shows the highest present factor.


The „virtual doctor”

This option enables the therapist to analyze possible sources of danger in detail. The disturbance indicated in the risk profile here is connected to nutrition characteristics, energetic black/blank field analysis, spine analysis, special detox treatments and possible psychical pressure. It is a professional device to diagnose the patient’s exact state of health at present.


The allergy test screen

The allergy test screen shows the patient’s reactions to various allergenics, through testing nearly 300 allergenics, from environmental to food allergenics. The superordinate allergy categories can be seen in the green field. The patient’s reactions are marked by numbers. The more red numbers the therapist sees, the more dangerous is the patient’s state of health. All allergenics the patient reacted to are tested once more by the machine in order to check the results.


Nutrition analysis

This screen shows the patient’s vitamin, mineral, enzym and aminoacid conditions. It displays deficiencies or toxic accumulation, which then can be treated specifically.  


Jaw and teeth treatment (Biological dentistry)


The program shows disorders of the jaw, teeth and denture, and connected meridians. It tests dentists’ materials and dental centers, as well as connected problematic organs. A high reaction mark do not necessarily mean cavity, but may indicate a disturbance in the energy circulation of the given part, or of the whole connected organ system – which may already be harmonized prophilactically by the SCIO system.