The course of diagnosis and treatment with SCIO:

As the first step, make an appointment with the client on the phone. The meeting starts with a conversation, which is already part of the examination. During the conversation, we place special electrodes on the wrists and the ankles as well as the forehead. These will provide the connection between the system and the body. Afterwards, we start the measurement – in the course of which, the patient does not feel anything special. Rarely light formication might be perceived. When the testing is over, during the evaluation of the data, there are various Biofeedback harmonizations running. When the evaluation of all data is ready, comes the personal, tailored supplements’ calibration – these can increase the treatment’s effectiveness, as only perfect supplements will be recommended. It is worth bringing all products the patient takes for this measuring so that the person may see their effectiveness. After all these, we take the electrodes off, and we are finished.


During the testing, the system tests furmulae of 11.000 substances: allergenics, bacteria, viruses, fungi, minerals, vitamins, etc. This way, we get a complete picture of processes in the body. And, hopefully, we find a soothing, permanent solution and answer to our problems.

The price of the session is 10.000 Ft per occasion, smoking disintoxication 6.000 Ft per occasion. Registration: see our contacts.